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Rambo VI

The paycheck came in the form of an ATM card which could only b e used to make withdrawals from the ATM machine inside of the Labor-ready. The Labor-ready ATM fee to take out all the money on the card was over 30%. Too much, thought Rambo. If the wage was suppose to be $6.50 an hour then Rambo expected $6.50 an hour(except for a little income tax). Living in a tent behind the strip-mall was no picnic. But there was a grocery store on the corner of the strip mall. It was easy to get the damaged good from the dumpster. The food was still good.
It was easy for Rambo to cook without putting off much smoke. Just a rusted out 50 gallon drum and a yard of chicken wire, some old chunks of 2x4. dig a pit and there’s your underground smoker. Rambo’s favorite was deer, then quail, then boar, then any other kind of wild pig (havalina and such). Rabbit and squirrel were always last resorts. Rambo figured he would never have to be in the wood long enough to get to that point. He figured about 3 months he could go without meat. Then maybe several years if there was ample meat.

4:47 p.m. - 2009-03-20


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